With the medical field discovering and inventing new things daily, the specialisations are also getting wider simultaneously. For all we know is there is a dentist who treats teeth related issues of people, but now there’s another sub-unit or specialisation in the field that looks precisely after the medical conditions related to teeth of kids or infants. 

These pedodontist or pediatric dentist have a specialisation on diagnosing and treating dental ailments related to infants, kids to young adults. 

Typically, these dentists offer treatment to kids ranging from 6 months to the age they develop their adult teeth. In some cases, kids as old as 12-13 receive their adult teeth. So, if any dental problems arrive, pedodontist is the best option to get the treatment. 

These days, many parents prefer even their teenage children to see the pediatric dentist in case of dental related emergency. 

Work of a pediatric dentist

A pediatric dentist holistically takes care of the oral health of newborns to adolescence. The dentistry offers a comprehensive treatment to tooth decay, growth of teeth and other oral hygienes. 

We have such a pediatric dentist in Jaipur at our hospital who have years of experience in the specialised field and have treated several complications related to dental health. 

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