Leadership Team

Welcome to the NEOCLINIC !

As the Most Comprehensive private sector Paediatric Health Sciences Centre in Rajasthan Neoclinic is so much more than a hospital. We are driven, every day, by a mission to improve the health of children by providing the best in family-centred care, creating ground-breaking scientific and clinical advancements and training the next generation of experts in child health.

In support of our vision, creating healthy society through healthy children we have built an exciting and bold strategic plan that will serve as a renewed roadmap for our organization. It is through our strategic plan that we aim to lead in world-class quality, enable our people, innovate, maintain financial health, build sustainable infrastructure and enhance child health systems.

If Neoclinic is going to play the role we imagine in the health-care system of the future, we must consider the infrastructure, facilities, and systems we will need here in Rajasthan as well as the infrastructure, programs, and people that we will need to extend our reach through direct provision of services or through partnership with other organizations.

Our vision is allowing us to create a vision that resonates with the needs of the health-care system and to use that vision to plan for the kinds of investments we will make, including in our facilities, so that we can have the most impact in providing safe, effective, and timely care that children need – where they need it.

With passionate and dedicated staff, coupled with unparalleled community support Neoclinic is building on the inspiration of the children we serve.

We look forward to sharing our progress with you and keeping you up to date through frequent communications.

Thank you for your interest in Neoclinic.

Wishing you good health, good luck, and warm regards,

Roopesh Mathur

Chief – Growth & Strategy