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    In pediatric endocrinology, doctors study the endocrine system of kids bodies. It is the system which is responsible for secreting hormones in our body. Hormones channelise our organs and keep our body in check and balance. The chemical of hormones determines our thoughts and actions.

    Precisely, it is a branch of modern medical science which mentions the requirement of hormones in the body, regions of secretions, diseases due to deficiency, and how can one maintain them.

    Why are hormones needed?
    Hormones are required for several reasons in kids. Here are a few:-

    • They are necessary for behavioural and psychological activities.
    • Important for digestion.
    • Responsible for the growth, weight and body hair.
    • Control hunger and metabolism
    • Hormones are essential for overall health and well being.
    Who is an endocrinologist?
    Diseases treated by endocrinologists?
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    Dr. Vasundhara ChughConsultant Pediatric Endocrinologist

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