Pediatric Cardiology

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    Pediatric Cardiology

    With the lifestyle deteriorating, kids are also falling ill to heart diseases, mostly congenital. Pediatric cardiology is a specialised branch in the medical sciences which studies the internal issues related to hearts and their ailments in children. It concerns the heart disorders and indulges in diagnosis and treating different conditions of the organ.

    Some of the cardiology study subspecialties are echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, interventional cardiology, echocardiography, and cardiac electrophysiology.

    Here are some common heart diseases:-

    • Congenital heart disease
    • Deep vein thrombosis
    • Abnormal heart rhythms
    • Coronary artery disease
    • Heart muscle disease
    • Aorta disease
    • Heart attack
    • Marfan syndrome
    • Cardiac arrest
    • Ventricular Septal Defect repair
    • Heart valve disease
    • Rheumatic heart disease
    • Vascular disease
    • Patent Ductus Arteriosus closure
    • Pericardial disease
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