Why Should You Take Your Kids to a Pediatric Dentist Every 6 Months?

Present day lifestyle is causing increase in many lifestyle related diseases from cavities to cancers. Good part is most of them are preventable if we get a right professional help at right stage. Dental cavities and other majority of dental problems are preventable. But in our practise most parents wait to visit us when the child has pain or swelling and which in turn leads to complicated dental treatments like tooth removal, root canal treatments etc. 

Cavities have four stages and the first stage, often called as “white spot lesion” (Fig 1), can be easily be detected by a pediatric dentist and dental cavities at this can be often be arrested provided changes in dietary and oral hygiene habits are implemented as advised.

Fig 1 – White spot lesion near the gum line of upper front teeth 

But if we ignore such warning signs and delay taking kids to pediatric dentist for bi annual check-ups, these lesions often go unnoticed and eventually starts hurting. These preventive bi annual visits should be done with a qualified pediatric/child dentist only as they are trained specially to deal with kids and their eyes can catch kid’s dental issues at early stage. To locate a Child dentist near you in Jaipur you can logon to www.neoclinic.co 

Such bi-annual visits not only can prevent cavities but kids can also be saved from having crooked teeth and eventually braces at later age. Yes braces can be avoided too provided a child dentist can catch initial warning signs of wrong jaw development or crooked teeth. 

So, remember top take your child to a specialist pediatric dentist every six months starting form first birthday. After doing this I am sure most of the kids can be saved from complicated dental treatments. 

Author – 

Dr. Deepesh Prajapati 

Consultant Pediatric Dentist 

Neo Clinic, Jaipur 

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