Children are the future of any nation. Taking care of their health and precious life is the utmost duty of any society of the government in place. They take the circle of life forward. In every nation, there are policies and rules for mother and child care for a similar reason. 

Their health makes the country safe and instils a sense of security in the population living there. Hence, the newborn intensive care unit plays a pivotal role in that case. It is precisely called NICU. Also, known as the neonatal intensive care unit. 

Given the kind of environment and lifestyle of the city, NICU in Jaipur is essential for families. And due to new types of diseases like COVID-19 spreading throughout the world, it is even more vital to offer extra care to the newborns. 

Basically, NICU is for premature babies, the ones born before time or date of delivery. It is a type of nursery in a hospital where infants with health issues are kept under the supervision of trained paediatrician or doctors. 

They use the latest equipment and machines to provide intense care to the baby. Neonatal means the first twenty-eight days of a baby’s life. That’s the crucial point in life that nurtures a kid. So, if someone around you or you have any issues with your newborn, come to our place. We give the best facilities. 

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