If a gynaecologist is responsible for giving pre and post-delivery advice and care to a pregnant woman, then the job of a paediatrician is no less. Both doctors play an important part in a fine upbringing of a child. It is the formative years for an offspring that remains until he/she lives.
Thus, a pediatrician becomes an essential doctor for kids. Pediatricians take care of the mental, physical and emotional well being and health of kids until they turn into adolescence.

Moreover, they also enact as counsellors of both kids and their parents. It helps in dealing with several types of health-related issues in kids. These doctors are also aware of the psychological aspect of kids. Hence, their medication works wonder for children.

There are three types of pediatricians in Jaipur.

General pediatrician: They cover a hospital role for an infant until he/she turns sixteen.

Pediatric cardiology. These doctors diagnose and treat children suffering from heart-related ailments. They suggest medications and treatments to kids.

Community paediatrics- The base of these doctors is in a community where they treat kids with behavioural, social and developmental issues.
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