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    Kids and adults have different body structures. On the one hand, kids witness the growth of tissues, cells, bones, understanding and overall height; adults are all grown up. Thus, the method of treatment and specialists also differ. There are pediatric orthopaedic doctors for bone-related issues in kids, and to cast away deformities, there are surgeons.

    These doctors are the most trained ones and know well how to handle newborns to teenagers while addressing their bone-related ailments.

    Who are pediatric orthopaedic surgeons?

    Pediatric orthopaedic surgeons are doctors or specialists who carry out musculoskeletal (joints, bones, muscle or back) related treatments in kids. They hold the specialisation in treating children and their bones that are still growing. It needs special skills because treating is a different thing; a pediatric orthopaedic surgeon needs to understand kids’ psychology.

    Dr. Vikas Bohra of Neo Clinic Jaipur is one of the finest pediatric orthopaedic surgeons who is rendering his services to kids with bone issues. He has several years of experience and holds expertise in offering the best surgeries and treatment to newborns and slightly grown-up kids.

    He has been carrying out some of the most difficult operations ensuring kids get quick recovery.

    Issues and surgeries addressed by pediatric orthopaedic surgeons

    Musculoskeletal issues in kids are different compared to adults. The response of a child’s body to injuries, deformities, infections and diseases are distinctive. And that’s why one needs to study anatomy from myriad perspectives.

    Interestingly, some might seem like a deformity in a kid’s case may just be a variation of growing up years. And only a specialist can let you know that. For instance, intoeing in toddlers is one such case. On the other hand, some issues that children face in their joints and bones are not present in adults.

    Also, the process of diagnosis and evaluation for a bone-related issue is distinct in kids and adults. Thus, the treatment offered is apart too.

    The complex pediatric orthopaedic problems require surgeries in children. Some of the major musculoskeletal issues are:-
    Broken bones or crack in bones
    Gait abnormalities affecting kids (limping)
    Limb length differences, clubfoot, scoliosis, and others
    There are birth-related deformities in the spine, joints and bones
    Tumours in bones and joints

    If your toddler or kid has any of these diseases or problems, then visit the Neo Clinic in Jaipur and get the best treatment available there for a bright future for your child.