Paediatricians are the doctors who treat, diagnose and cure diseases related to infants, toddlers, to young children. In addition, they are responsible for providing medical care to kids suffering from various ailments. It is a specialised field where a doctor has to deal with a child’s behavioural, mental and physical development. Thus, offering proper medication and treatment isn’t always easy.

What conditions does a paediatrician in Jaipur treat?

A child doctor in Jaipur has to treat various types of illnesses, conditions and injuries. They have a duty to examine a baby immediately after birth. They check whether the baby needs any medical intervention or not. In need, paediatricians can resuscitate newborns and start their treatment.

Here are some diseases and issues a child paediatrician in Jaipur treats:-

Allergies and asthma
Types of cancers
Autism spectrum disorder
Several chronic diseases, including diabetes
Genetic disorders like down syndrome and cystic fibrosis
Infectious ailments like meningitis
Delays in development
Problems like cerebral palsy

Neo clinic is one children hospital in Jaipur with around 75 beds that offer all the treatments for kids under the observation of the best child doctors in Jaipur.

Training of a paediatrician

A paediatrician has to go through intense studies, training and practice to become an accomplished child doctor. Here are some specialisations:-

Behavioural and developmental paediatrics
Paediatric emergency medicine
Paediatric cardiologists
Prenatal and neonatal medicine

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